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Introducing Next Generation Supernatural Mentoring School

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David Reid

David has been in supernatural ministry for 17 years. He has a mark on his life of the Holy Spirit with very detailed words of knowledge, healing, and prophecy. David wants to see mass harvest and all of the body of Christ enjoying a deep relationship with the trinity. He is looking to bless and sow into people spiritually for growth and excellence in the Spirit.


David has a heart for evangelism and church planting. He has brought at least 7000 souls to Christ during his ministry and planted two churches and one online church. David is the co founder of NexGen Supernatural school. He has been taught by many prophets and apostrles.

Our Team


Lioness Henry - Intercessor - Wellness advocate at DoTerra Essential Oils Canada. My vision is to see people come to know their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, have a personal relationship with him and to walk in the calling in which God has called them to.


Stephen is a full time teacher who reflects the king of God in his class rooms. He has a powerful and unusual word of knowledge healing gift he has seen hundreds of miracles. He an up and coming father of the the faith.


Bobby Jo has been a born again believer on fire for Jesus for well over a decade. She is a razor sharp seer. A powerful intercessor, prayer warrior and experinced deliverance minister.

what to expect from the school
intersession Everyday prophetic room and word of knowledge practise rooms.
healing room practise
2 supernatural teaching a week
usually 4
we have group mentoring q and a
breakthrough prayer rooms
praying for souls and spirit of revival to break up
soaking prayer than comparing revelation and experiences had in the secret place
inner healing
1 on 1 mentoring
and we want you to use this as a platform to use your gifts
also, exclusive Facebook live ministry in the school group
prophetic and healing practice meeting with none members
great community
soaking sessions we like to compare revelation at the end comparing revelation
we run our announcements through fakebook all other ministry is done through jitsi
a better version of zoom.

learn how to call out people's phone numbers, addresses, zip codes, know interment details bringing healing to people that will bring your ministry and life to the next level.

so what about the price of a measly 22 Australian dollars a month in USD a week that is 2 us dollars a week lol no joke or 4 dollars a week Canadian. You might ask why so cheap the is aim to do which is not cheap. My spiritual Father's spiritual father was Bob Jones The Holy Spirit structured me to set up a safe place for people to grow in power anointing etc that could anyone could afford setting up the 7 billion soul harvest to come in through this equipping and others doing similar things. Why a donation because 1 Timothy 5:18 receive a prophets reward Matthew 10:41

Vision ***To have 1000 people equipped and anointed and operating in their God given calling and purpose across the nations. ***To raise up leaders and provide a platform where people can practice and grow in their gifts and endorse those who are ready to step out. * To grow deeper in relationship and revelation with the truth of triune God and see the manifestation spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. ***To equip the saints through teaching, practical experience, conferences and Facebook live streams and much more. ***To provide a close knit community and edify and encourage one another.

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