• Monthly Payment Plan

    One Time Payment (Not Recurring)
    Valid for one month
    • anyone who reaches the weekly monthly amount for the school
    • 30 usd dollars we consider you are partnering with us
    • every person who meets the monthly fee will receive a unique
    • prophetic word for your life from David to you email.
  • Weekly Membership

    Weekly Membership Plan
    Valid for one week
    • this is in Australian dollars to its is $7usd
    • I can guarantee in the school you will get great teaching.
    • there will be plenty of supernatural ministry
    • no supernatural ministry is guaranteed from David
    • 4 payments are made for the month
    • we see you as a partner allowing this to run
    • if you make those payment's each time you do each month
    • David will personally send a prophecy to your email for you
    • we don't believe in generic prophecies all are unique
    • to the person receiving the prophecy.
  • Recurring Payment

    Every month
    (Automatic Payments Monthly)
    • thankyou for paying the monthly donation reccomendation
    • As a result we see you partnering with us.
    • you will not only receive discounts from workshops
    • you will also receive a unique prophecy for your life from
    • David all though he minister he can not grantee you will
    • get a word or prayer in the sessions this option makes sure
    • David will send a prophetic word mp3 in your email.